The Palestine Pod

Free Library Censors Palestinian Children‘s Book with Rifk Ebeid

September 23, 2021

This week we talk to the brilliant Palestinian-American author Rifk Ebeid whose children’s book “Baba What Does My Name Mean?” was recently censored by the “Free” Library of Philadelphia (yes it's really called that) in online anti-racist blog posts created by a librarian for the library’s social media connecting the Palestinian struggle to the struggle for Black liberation in the US. Lara goes line by line to deconstruct and rebut the painfully anti-Palestinian, contradictory and incoherent statement issued by the so-called "Free" Library to support its decision to censor this and other Palestinian content on its social media platforms. Michael shows us how the Free Library statement supporting censorship, in equating support for the Zionist Organization of America as a rejection of anti-semitism, is actually a statement of anti-Semitism itself. Rifk recalls other instances of censorship she has faced for producing Palestinian content at the hands of allegedly liberal organizations. On a related note, the Palestine Pod also discusses the York, Pennsylvania diversity book ban which has recently been reversed due to outcry from black and brown communities following the taping of this episode. Lara and Michael recall the importance of unlearning the mainstream white supremacist narrative that many young Americans are indoctrinated with in middle and high schools across the country.

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